Minirin 0.1mg Tablet

Minirin 0.1mg Tablet


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Minirin 0.1 mg (Desmopressin) is used for treatment of: central cranial diabetes insipidus (a condition resulting in unusually large amount of dilute urine production); nocturnal enuresis (bed-wetting); post-hypophysectomy polyuria/ polydipsia (extreme thirst and the continuous production of large volumes of dilute urine following surgical removal of the pituitary gland); hemophilia A/von Willebrand’s disorder (certain types of bleeding disorders in some patients undergoing surgery or following trauma); headache as a consequence of lumbar puncture (a procedure to obtain a sample of fluid from the spine). It is also used in certain diagnostic tests such as renal concentration capacity test (to check kidneys function) or a test for fibrinolytic response (to measure body’s capacity to dissolve blood clots).

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